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Earlobe Repair

What can cause the need for earlobe repair?

  • Torn earlobes – When the earlobe is pierced, and the earring is accidently yanked or caught on a sweater the lobe can tear.
  • Elongated earlobes – As we age our earlobes elongate and wearing heavy earrings (pierced or not) can stretch the earlobes, and the earring hole.
  • Gauged earrings – This is a trend that involves the placement of a plug in the earlobe that is replaced with larger and larger gauges to stretch the lobes to the desired size. When the trend has passed, the stretched lobes must be repaired.

What is the treatment for earlobe tears?

The type and location of the tear will determine the type of surgery needed. Typically, repair involves trimming the tear to remove scar tissue and torn skin and stitching the wound together.

What is the treatment for gauged earlobes?

Surgery may involve the use of a punch tool that creates a hole that is a bit larger than the gauge, or the earring hole to create a wound that is then sutured together to reduce the size of the opening or eliminate the hole.

What is earlobe reduction surgery?

This procedure treats sagging and stretched earlobes and rejuvenate aging the earlobes. This surgery involves reshaping and resizing the earlobe by cutting a wedge out of the lobe at the crease between the lobe and the cheek. The reduced earlobe is then sewn back in place for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

No Recovery

This surgery is not painful, and no recovery is needed. After surgery you drive yourself home. Home care instructions will be provided. Discomfort can be treated with OTC pain medication. Keeping the wound clean and following the instructions will provide optimal for healing. There is no requirement for activity restriction. You can shower and shampoo normally. Stitches are removed about a week after surgery.

If your surgery involved removal of the ear piercing, after you fully heal, in about six months you can have your ear(s) re-pierced.

Nonsurgical options

If you prefer, Dr. Zeena can use fillers to plump the earlobes which can fill the elongated earring hole. Fillers can improve the ability to bear the weight of heavy earrings. However, this option depends upon the extent of the elongation of the hole and fillers must be repeated to maintain the repair.

Dr. Zeena is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatology surgeon at New Orleans Aesthetics. Call to schedule a consultation to discuss your earlobe repair options.

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