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Blood Vessels & Facial Redness

What is telangiectasia?

Telangiectasia are broken capillaries (small blood vessels) that are dilated or enlarged just under the skin’s surface creating visible patterns on the skin. Typically, they are not dangerous or damaging but can be cosmetically unacceptable. Broken blood vessels can occur anywhere on the body, but are typically found around the nose, cheeks and chin causing facial redness.

What causes this condition?

Most often telangiectasias are the result of chronic sun exposure and/or extreme temperatures. Environmental factors like wind, heat, alcohol, smoking and trauma contribute to telangiectasia in susceptible people. Fair skinned people with rosacea and those with a family history are predisposed to telangiectasia.

Risk factors include:

  • Aging—older people frequently have telangiectasia due to blood vessels that weaken with age
  • Rosacea—this causes enlargement of capillaries and creates a flushed appearance.
  • Hormone changes like pregnancy, menopause, or birth control pills can increase the appearance of telangectasia
  • Heredity—certain people are more prone to developing telangectasia


It is diagnosed by its clinical presentation. The majority of telangiectasias are not associated with an underlying condition. Instead, they are mainly found in people with sun damage and aging. Dr. Zeena will perform a thorough medical history and review your medications and any other conditions that could be associated with this condition.


Treatment is primarily focused on improving the cosmetic appearance of overall redness and telangiectasia. Telangiectasias and overall redness can be treated with laser therapy. New Orleans Aesthetics invests in the latest dermatology device such as Laser Genesis. Laser Genesis is one of the most effective treatments available for the treatment of blood vessels and facial redness. These treatments will significantly improve your appearance but do not prevent new telangiectasias. Certain medications can help reduce overall flushing and improve rosacea. Addressing some of the risk factors that are controllable, will help to prevent the formation of new telangiectasias.

Tips to prevent telangiectasia

Treat your skin gently, use warm not hot water when showering or washing your face, limit sun exposure and wear sunscreen.

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